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Maggie + Kaleb's Wedding Guests

“Girl. I am seriously sobbing; not gonna lie.”

“Why?! What happened are you okay?! I’m ready to come get you wherever you are!!”

This. This is the kind of bride that deserves to have something magical happen on her wedding day. This is the conversation that happened while I was editing her gallery and realized something that is beyond explanation was taking place in her pictures.

And instead of being concerned about her photos, she was ready to throw some boots on, hop in her car, and save me from whatever was happening that made me cry.

***We need some back story.***

This bride’s name is Maggie. When I first started my business, Maggie reached out to me on Facebook to see if I would photograph her engagement session and wedding. I let her know I’d be thrilled for the engagement session, but sadly, I don’t offer weddings anymore. She didn’t fight me, and was over the moon to work with me, and started talking about OTHER sessions she wanted to book, as well.


Reason #1-I know they’re geared to go for whatever crazy ideas I have for their session. (And they ABSOLUTELY WERE!!)

Reason #2- They value my work so much, that they are willing to take the engagement session even if I can’t take on their wedding- AND want me to capture some other insanely important moments/people in their lives. Yes. I’m in.


At an event, I was struggling setting up my table and just out of the blue, this beautiful blonde woman came up and started helping me. I had no idea who she was but she was super sweet and I gladly accepted the help. Then she introduced herself (after about 20 minutes) as the client I would photograph in the next two weeks!

We just started talking. She and her fiancé, Kaleb, are both Veterans. She was in the Navy, he was in the Army. (Already I was getting PUMPED because this is getting to be such a cool wedding story.) They each have a child from a previous relationship (and they are ADORABLE and the sweetest kids EVER.) Not everything has come easy to these two lovebirds, but man, they seriously have the BEST zest for life. Nothing will stop them.

So we easily became friends.

You know, there is something about the way that couples look at each other, when they truly, truly love each other. It’s like no one else in the world matters. That is what made me decide to take on their wedding. They have been through so much as a couple, and are such incredible people individually; I can only imagine what they’ll accomplish together. I had to be the one to capture it.

It is NO WONDER that something absolutely magical happened on their wedding day.

***Back to the texting***

I was editing this gorgeous, small, country wedding and culling through the best images. I started to notice a little black spot that was on over half of Maggie’s bridal images and while she was at the alter. Irritating, because now I’m thinking about how I will have to edit this nosey bug out of every photo at the alter.

Why is that bug in every frame?

Actually, it was a dragonfly. Then I just started thinking how cool it was that this dragonfly was kind of…circling her? It was really close to her right side, almost her shoulder area, and just would not leave.

It came to their first kiss, and as I’m scanning the photo, I realize another dragonfly has shown up exactly as their first kiss takes place.



So, they are starting to recession now, and these two dragonflies are not only STAYING THERE, but they are LEADING THEM DOWN THE AISLE FLOATING OVER THEIR HANDS.


I can’t make this up.

All will power that had kept me from spilling the beans of this adorable surprise- poof. Gone. Not even gonna try.

“MAGGIE GOOD TEARS I’M NOT KIDDING!! There is this one dragonfly that has been circling you during the ceremony shots, and then just POOF! LIKE A DAISY! Out of nowhere pops this other dragonfly shows up RIGHT AT YOUR FIRST KISS. AND THAT’S NOT ALL BECAUSE THEY LEAD YOU DOWN THE AISLE AFTER. Lord. I can’t. You’ve gotta get a dragonfly tattoo or something because this is some crazy guardian angel dragonfly stuff right here. “

Ready for the biggest goosebumps of the story?

She answers “That’s probably my grandma and my cousin, they passed and I got a dragonfly tattoo in their memory on my right shoulder.”

Mic drop.

I have nothing to follow that.

Wallow in your ugly tears of pure love and magic.

I’m gonna go back to finishing editing this wedding full of angels, now.

Heaven wasn’t so far away for this country wedding. Not at all.


***This wedding was photographed on private property in Blair, Ne.***

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