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Capture your connection.

Photography that captures your connection.

Custom designed wall art that inspires.


Appreciate the life you work so hard for with a display that takes your breath away; no matter how busy your schedule. 

Metal barn wood block, rustic photography display item

4 steps

Add value to your walls with the moments that mean the most.


One hour photo session.
One evening for your custom designs.

Breathtaking images of your family's connection that will continue to move you for the rest of your life.


Preserve your legacy
       with a painted portrait

To be proud of the life you work so hard for

To witness the worth of your love in custom designs throughout your home

Guidance to help your dream displays become a reality

To have your time and hard earned money respected

To feel confident in your family photo albums


To be reminded of the value in all that you do -daily

Family photos that truly move you


A message from Kenzie

A message from your photographer
About the Photographer

Family photography for the Omaha and surrounding areas. The Copper Fox Studio focuses on connection, warmth, and appreciation the little things in life.

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  • YouTube | 510 N. 14th St, Fort Calhoun, NE | 402-990-5835
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