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Yaaayy! I love that you have chosen me to capture this brief, incredible chapter in your life. I spend hours editing, ordering and personally packaging your photos to ensure that each one is a work of art and that you have the absolute best experience possible.


For that reason, family sessions with me start at $200, which covers my time, creative talent, and the expertise that I pour into your session! The session fee does not include any products or digital files. You’ll invest in those during your ordering session (which I offer in studio or even in the comfort of your own home!) Thanks to top of the line equipment, we are able to move around your home and see different displays and sizes of wall art in real time- before you order! Most of my clients are so in love with their images (many tear up when they see them) that they usually invest an additional $500-$800 on canvas, wall art, prints and digital files. (But you can certainly choose more or less depending upon your need!) *A minimum purchase of $300 is required.*

Please contact me for custom sessions. (Travelers, Weddings, Vintage Vixens)

Travelers begin at $550. Weddings begin at $1800. Vintage Vixens session fee is $250.


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I am so stinking’ excited to start creating with you. 


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