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Adelyn-Youth Couture Entry | Omaha Fine Art Painted Portraits

Young blonde girl in blue lace dress poses with flowers in a basket during fine art portrait session in elkhorn, ne

Little Adelyn first hopped in front of my camera when she was around 3 for a family session and watching her grow over the years has just been such an honor. Every time I see her it's more and more amazing- her beauty just keeps growing with her.

I get super attached to the families and kiddos that stick with me over the years and I just kind of heart-felt adopt them. It really is truly so amazing being a small part in watching this little lady grow up. Adelyn, you rocked this session! The different outfits and sets we used are all absolutely STUNNING on you and I am so glad we had a chance to create these!

This contest winner will be based on overall engagement. So to cast your vote for Adelyn, don't stop on viewing her post- comment below and share to bring more votes to this cutie!

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