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Amelia-Petite Couture Entry | Omaha Fine Art Painted Portraits

Young brunette girl holds vines by window in warm tone light during painted portrait session in omaha ne

Amelia's eyes had me hooked. She has such a soft, beautiful spirit and those eyes just grab you. We did a few different portraits before I finally asked if she would be willing to try something a little different and we tried a blend of very similar colors all thrown together for this beautiful image. Her poise and the warm tones reminded me of the old master's oil renditions and I was absolutely smitten.

So glad to have her in the Petite entries!

This contest winner will be based on overall engagement. So to cast your vote for Amelia, don't stop on viewing her post- comment below and share to bring more votes to this cutie!

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Want to know more about the process? Check out the new branch- The Copper Fox Creative!

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