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Bach Fall Family Session | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha, NE Family Photographer

I don't think there is a family out there that has ever been so genuinely this family was from the moment I met them.

Gah. I'm getting all feel-y.

Sara contacted me after I photographed her daughter's volleyball team. She thought if I could keep a team of pre-teen girls laughing and focused, she might need to have me come out to the house, haha.

The trick was that it was already November, and we had one tiny sapling next to the driveway that had about 10 leaves left. Oh. And it was raining, haha.

We made it work. And man, did. it. WORK.

Family laughing together in front of orange tree during fall family photos in Ft. Calhoun, NE
Everybody look at Mom and say 'thanks for washing my underwear, maaaa!"

Slide it to see more!!

The girls and I had a blast running through the forest and telling stories that kept mom and dad laughing, Dad and I talked trees and plans for their new plants, and Sara...goodness this woman is amazing. When she talks to you, it's like her whole spirit accepts you. Like an aura of positive, radiating sunlight.

Family talks amongst themselves during fall family photo session in Nebraska
Bach Family listening to each other's answers during the "tell me the funniest memory of a family trip" part of the session!

I had no idea when I arrived for their reveal that this was the first time they've done family photos since the girls were TODDLERS.

I knew how much this meant to them. It meant so much to me. Still does. I warned her to bring Kleenex as I started the slideshow because I nearly cried editing them, ha.

They were definitely needed.

We designed her gallery wall and got her a gorgeous family album that they will be able to treasure every single day.

Paisley floral print leather custom designed album from The Copper Fox studio
Sara's Beautiful leather album

Custom wall art display of fall family photos in Ft. Calhoun, NE
Sara's custom family wall design

Sara made the comment that something about the pictures just hit differently. It was like seeing her family in a new light. Just seeing the connection jumping out of the picture. Like seeing the spirit of her family right there.

I think we sat there and talked about our favorites for a few hours, just gushing about how incredible this session was.

Because it was so much more than pictures.

Thank you for trusting me, Bach family. It was an absolute honor to capture your connection.

Stay connected, friends.


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