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Christensen Family | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family Photographer | Elkhorn | Gretna | Waterloo

This session was SO FUN. You always know when a group is going to be ridiculously fun and easy going, and this was absolutely the Christensen family. Firefighter, military nurse veteran, and two hilarious boys on their farm. Game. On.

Let's do this!

Having a chance to photograph a family at their home makes it that much more special.

I was so excited to share these images with the family at their reveal, and knew it was going to be absolutely amazing styling their galleries.

The final designs were to die for! Look at how the tones in the chosen wood and pairing of images reflect through multiple colors in their home.

It is just perfect.

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this moment in your family's journey! You guys rock!!

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Seth Hoover
Seth Hoover
Nov 12, 2022


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