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Click for farm babies!!

Winter brings 'funks' for a lot of people. I've heard it's because of the darkness, or cold, or maybe just because you struggle to enjoy the day when you can't feel your face.

I feel you.

After fall craziness and holiday chaos it's so nice just to sit back and relax a little. But, I tend to develop a 'funk' when I'm not staying busy. The winter blues hit photographers especially hard because we are creatives. I, for sure, feed on those rich colors and textures of the year and drink up all that yummy golden hour sunlight.

And then when everything is covered in ice and snow, I just kind of starve creatively. (Not all photographers; there are some wickedly talented winter photographers out there.)

But then Spring comes like a bouncing baby goat and I feel rejuvenated and desperate to get out and make some art. I come up with a ton of ideas (and usually only get to pull off a few of them) and just jump at anything that could potentially aid in pulling me out of the winter funk.

This session definitely did just that.

One of my clients has a family farm and had just had a round of baby goats and lambs. It's was true baby-ville in the country and I WAS IN LOVE.

We got muddy. Fed babies. Pet pigs. The works. It was SO MUCH FUN.

I am so grateful that the owners let us come out and get a glimpse of what spring looks like on the farm. I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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