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Emily Senior Session {Omaha/Blair, NE Photographer}

Emily- Girl you are a warrior. I have had the pleasure of photographing the New family on multiple occasions and I couldn’t wait for Emily’s turn to be in the spotlight! Then, I was so horrified and heartbroken to hear that she was in a terrible car accident that, by some MIRACLE, spared her life. She had to learn to walk again. Had to be in physical therapy for MONTHS afterward. And this was all very shortly before Covid struck. Talk about a senior year!

I am just in awe of her. She bounced back. She fought. She won. She has a joy for life and a desire to give back to those in need, just incredibly wise beyond her years.

Emily- your senior pictures were a celebration, girl. Documenting this crazy year and just how much you are going to change the world with your incredible character and strength. GO GET ‘EM EMILY!


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