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Eva's lifestyle Newborn | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family Photographer

Oooooh little Eva! How absolutely perfect you are.

baby girl in cream onesie being rocked to sleep by her mother by window light
Sweet Eva- you are so loved!

I am always amazed by the simplest little things that just carry so much beauty. That was Eva's lifestyle session in a nutshell. This kind of session allows me to be creative, take a little more risk with angles and truly connect with the families in their most comfortable space.

It can bring absolute magic.

flower mobile hanging in neutral green nursery with mother rocking baby girl in the background by a window

Like Big sister reading the 'big sister' book to (newly promoted!) big brother. The sweet smiles full of love as everyone gathers around mama in the rocking chair. The dreamy spin of the lens while mama rocks Eva to sleep in her nursery.

I. loved. this. gallery. And I am so glad to have been a part of welcoming this sweet girl home to join her awesome family.

Congrats, Blomstedts! She is absolutely a little miracle.

Stay connected, friends!


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