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Hey, Foxy Lady...

As a woman, I feel like shame is an everyday aspect of my life. We feel shame if we are not ‘living up’ to what is expected of us. Whether it’s the way we parent, balance our home life and career, or just the way we feel about our bodies.

We can be ruthless about that last one.

In all truth, we are only given this one body for a very short time. The stretch marks that crisscross over our bellies are tiger stripes from an incredible journey of pregnancy. The extra weight we may have added is a reminder not of ‘letting ourselves go’ but of letting go of the anxiety that comes along with the constant shame of ‘keeping up’. Even if we don't have children- the stress of life, success and balance can just be too overwhelming.

But, let me ask...have you thanked your body for carrying you through every painful, beautiful, or life-altering experience? You may have never thought about pictures as a way to cherish the life this body has given you (and that could be for many reasons). However, boudoir is about so much more than just your shape.

You, ma’am, are a work of art. Are you able to see your body in that way- or is it critical?

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Something that made you feel like an absolute rockstar?

When was the last time you felt CONFIDENT about your body?

If it’s been a hot minute, I’m here to help.

Women are notorious for self sacrifice. We sacrifice ourselves for our careers, our families, our kids, maybe even people we barely know. But by doing so, we risk losing our sense of personal value. It’s a slippery slope. So, let’s do this. Pick some clothes that make you feel like a bomb-ass babe and I’ll bring in a hair and makeup artist to help you feel stellar. You DESERVE to be proud of the body that has carried you through life.

It’s time to take back our bodies and reclaim that confidence.

Book your session now for just a $250 session fee!

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