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Improve your selfie! {Omaha, NE Photographer}

Of all the amazing brick and mortar in downtown Omaha, the fields in Blair, ponds in Council Bluffs and dirt roads in Fort Calhoun...sometimes it's still REALLY difficult to get OUT for photos. But in my opinion, photography is best when it's creative and working with what you have. So when you're stuck inside or you just need a new profile picture, I have a quick fix for you!!

I've been wanting to find a cheap and lightweight way to do headshots on a black background (that DIDN'T involve me painting my wall, haha!)

All you need is 1-2 big pieces of cardboard, chalkboard paint, a window, and a camera. Editing is optional!

Now, being a family photographer it is MUCH easier to instruct others on how to pose (haha!), so depending on how comfortable you are in front of the camera this could be easy or daunting in itself. I think for me it only took about 10 minutes.

I have a 6dii which has WIFI so that is a really cool feature to be able to connect to my phone and allows me to see what my camera sees from my phone! BUT-Even if you only have your camera phone, this should still work. :)

*Paint one side of the cardboard and place it next to a window when it's dry. (It doesn't have to be black, it can be whatever matte color you have laying around!)

chalkboard painted cardboard in fort Calhoun photographer how to
Painted cardboard box!

*Make sure the light is off to the side and it isn't super bright.

*Feather the light (if you see super hard contrast lines, angle a little or put a white sheet over your window!)

Snap away!!

young woman self portrait in Omaha, ne
This is a screen shot of my phone when I was taking the photos. These are straight out of camera and haven't been edited!

So the takeaway is-

Window light is all you need to take a bomb selfie! (and a little cardboard!)

Here are some of the edited versions!

Hope you are excited to selfie! See you next time!!

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