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Monument Rocks in Scott City, KS | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family Photographer | Travel photo

My family-HATES pictures.

But when I visit Kansas, they know that my camera is coming with me.

My family has had a lot of medical problems and loss. We lost my brother to suicide in 2011, my mom has battled bilateral breast cancer (and actually had spinal and heart surgery planned for the week after these photos), and my sister has been battling stage 4 colon cancer.

You may be able to guess why pictures are so incredibly important to me.

SO. I decided this trip we were going to do something different and we were going to drive to the chalk rocks near Scott City, KS. This place is MAGICAL. In the middle of nowhere, these mountains of rocks just shoot up from out of the ground and are these silent looming giants.

Monument rocks in Kansas tourist attraction large rocks on flat plains
Monument rocks!

Growing up, my brother and I would spend hours here looking for arrowheads and fossils of fish. (This was all once under water and we found some absolutely AWESOME stuff growing up.)

kids looking for arrowheads on rocks

Now, we did poorly guesstimate the time it would take to get out there, (It's been awhile since I was a kid, haha!) so in all actuality this entire extended family session was taken in about 15 min.

I'm not sure I have ever worked SO. FAST.

Woman photographer instructs family on posing in front of monument rocks in kansas

I was crawling over seats to get my gear ready and texting my family the line up of who was going first (don't worry- Husband was driving, haha) to save as much light as humanly possible. When we threw the car in to park I tossed my other camera to my husband and said "It's set-get as many as you can!!" and took off to get to work.

He does not like it when I do this, haha. BUT I DO LOVE THAT BEHIND THE SCENES SHOT! Thanks baaabe.

Not all of them worked out...

little girl cries in woman's arms while another young girl dabs and two men look confused. family photo gone wrong
When naps are interrupted by pictures..

little girl dabs during family photos
She's super in to 'dabbing' lately...

But I love them all.

If you ever get the chance to visit, they go by a few names. We know them as the chalk rocks. There is a Facebook page for the Monument Rocks and they are open to the public. You will NOT regret that long drive. It is one of the coolest hidden gems in Kansas.

I am so so glad to have been able to come back and capture their sheer power and beauty, (and also strong arm my family into yet another photo session-this time in a place that means so much to me).

Stay connected, peeps! And go visit the chalk rocks!

Woman photographer kneels with her camera in front of the Monument Rocks in Kansas at sunset


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