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New Product Alert!!!! | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family photographer | Gretna, Elkhorn, Blair

I love finding new products that will help me in fulfilling the emotional impact I create in my editing. I love it even more when I can assure my families that they are nearly indestructible because let's be can get crazy.

Young kids, animals,'s nice to know that something can withstand the chaos of young family life!!

I wanted a product that was something similar to my premium canvas, but had a deeper feel of texture, with multiple non-standard sizes. It was a struggle.

HOWEVER. I have amazing people working at my print shops.

I explained what I needed and they MADE IT FOR ME!

Enter: the float frame with a hard mounted suede fine art print



Woman in tan dress holds toddler son in vintage neutral outfit during family photo session in Omaha, ne farmhouse decor
Isn't it STUNNING?!

Ryland (a recent client) was the first person to see this gorgeousness...and was of her and her baby boy (who is also the model on my giant studio sign!!) It was love at first sight. She chose the same size, with a black frame, and received this beauty:

Rustic family photo session image framed in a float mount on barn wood  in Omaha, ne

Yuuuuuhhhhhsss pleaaaassee!!

I wanted to have a variety of these incredibly durable fine art I added a silk print with rustic brown frame...these sweethearts HAD to be my studio sample. Absoooluuuttellyyyy!

Young sisters hug in long grass field wall display silk paper framed print in Omaha, ne

These babies come all the way up to giant framed work...22x44! Eat your heart out, canvas. There's a new jaw dropper in town.

Stay Connected, friends!!


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