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Ok. I'm crying.

I’m in tears.

It’s my first year as an ‘official’ photography business and I’m just overflowing with emotions. It’s been hard. It’s been rewarding. It’s been absolutely…beautiful.

Every year I look back on the memories I have captured and to be honest, most of the time I feel a little sad because I wish I could have given MORE. I wish I could have learned FASTER. I see things I would have edited differently or think “aarrgghh if I just would have moved that arm a little higher..”

Yes, I’m a nit-picker. I’m relentless with myself. Something to work on in 2019- Don’t expect perfection.

But, guys. I’m crying. My heart is so ridiculously full. I just put together my 50 image spread for the year….and I could only make it back to June because of all the images that I just HAD to include.

And for once....

I wouldn’t change a single thing.

6 months of laughs. Of newborn babies and rolling around on forest floors and cuddling in open fields.

6 months of learning and improving and attempting to BALANCE (which…let’s be real that’s gonna be a lesson for awhile.)

But 6 months that I couldn’t even FIT on the collage because I can see my heart and soul in this work- in your family and your photos. Because I LOVE THESE MOMENTS SO MUCH that I just go back for myself and look at them to feel something. I feel the love between you and your family and I feel like I'm finally able to see the love that I pour in to it for you.

I am so proud of this work. I am so, so, so, incredibly grateful and HUMBLED that you all have stuck with me this year as I fall into my true soul-style of editing and learn to balance my dream and my personal life.

You are all absolutely amazing.

THANK YOU for trusting me with your memories and your babies.

Let’s make some art in 2019.

2019 The Copper Fox Studio Recap

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