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Olive- Youth Couture Entry | Omaha Fine Art Painted Portraits

Blonde young woman with large tulle dress and oversized pink flowers holds live polish chicken during fine art painted portrait session in omaha, ne

When an artist and animal enthusiast mix, amazing things happen. Luckily, Olive was stoked when I asked her mom is she would be willing to bring her beloved polish chicken, Blanche, in with her....because in my artist brain, nothing screams couture more than adding a live chicken to make the outfit more 'extra'.

We had many raised eyebrows during our creative session (haha!) but that is what made it so incredible!!! I am so insanely excited for Olive's images and have a feeling the couture chicken might just be a new trend.

This contest winner will be based on overall engagement. So to cast your vote for Olive, don't stop on viewing her post- comment below and share to bring more votes to this cutie!

Check out the other entries, or book your own painted creative session here!!

Want to know more about the process? Check out the new branch- The Copper Fox Creative!

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