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Portrait Entries 2021 | Professional Photographers of America | Omaha, NE Family photographer

If you're interested in my work, it's probably because you love a good story. Don't we all? We OPERATE in stories every day.

The connection, emotion, the way it moves you. (That's the good stuff. That's my jam.)

Competing at the national and state level is fun, educational, and also incredibly challenging. But, I will never back down from telling a good story. It's in my blood. (Thanks, Dad. Haha)

So gather 'round!

Story time with Kenziiiiie.

"One of Many"-Awarded with the coveted "Imaging Excellence" at the national competition 2021

Breast cancer survivor art, woman losing breast to mastectomy
"One of Many" PPA IPC Imaging Excellence 2021

This piece pretty much speaks for itself. I felt called to create this piece for my mom. I think cancer has affected nearly everyone I know in some way. My mom was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer (two separate kinds at once!) and endured a double mastectomy and chemo to kick that cancer to the curb. But the emotional impact it had on her was just as aggressive as the physical. And as I was processing the creation of this piece, I realized it wasn't just the impact on it happens to SO. MANY. PEOPLE. And they need to know they aren't alone, you know? I called my friend (who was ALSO going through chemo for another type of cancer) to model. She is absolutely stunning and I knew her experience in the struggle would lend to the authenticity of the journey of a cancer warrior.

They are both strong, amazing women, and I am so thankful for them.

The other entries of 2021 included my own daughter, (who is desperate for a horse, as many 7 year olds are, ha)

"Dreaming of My Very Own"

Little girl in a barn dreaming of her own horse
"Dreaming of my very own" PPA IPC Portrait 2021

One of my good friend's adorable fur babies...who actually got in to the fluff that I used to stuff the pile in "One of Many" and couldn't get it out of his mouth, hahaha. It was adorable. And I couldn't NOT use this face.

"Heh. Got him, good."

Mini Australian shepherd dog making a face after ripping apart a toy
"Heh. Got him Good." PPA IPC 2021

And one of my clients that I just adore. She is absolutely stunning and her birth mark brings such an incredible, beautiful, power to her images. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING HER. As a pre-teen, she was a little weary of the giant powdered wig (ha!) but she ran with it. It's absolutely awesome to capture someone and have them be blown away by their own beauty. YOU ARE GORGEOUS, GIRL. (And thanks for tolerating the wig.)

"The Painted Lady"

Young woman with birth mark in white midcentury clothing holds dried roses
"The Painted Lady" PPA IPC 2021

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay connected, peeps!


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