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Product of the week: Albums! | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family Photographer | Fremont | Gretna


I'd like to choose just one thing that makes me adore my albums. I can't. So.


Paisley brown leather album on country chic farmhouse rustic display


ugh. I adore the depth of this leather. Like. YES. The ridges in the floral just add an extra oomph feeling while you're looking through your beautiful photos. They are so unique, too. When I first saw this design, I couldn't look away. It is just captivating (and I'm not usually a paisley person!)

This gorgeous baby is my Luminous album! The cover is a beveled glass over a custom design that I create from images of your gallery to fit the vibe of your session and fabric/leather choice. (Confession, when these come in for delivery- I RIP THEM OPEN and just stare at them in awe for a few minutes. These covers will absolutely stun anyone you show them off to!)

This is a fan favorite. The leather sample albums get people interested, but the luminous makes people forget every other item I've shown. There is just something about it that draws you in. Pictures just don't do it justice!

Toddler in Elsa nightgown looking through family photo album in a brown recliner at bedtime
My youngest looking through studio sample albums <3


THESE THINGS ARE SOLID! I bring a few of my favorites to my reveal sessions and, of course, a lot of my clients have kiddos! They love to look through the albums and talk with me about the pictures....

but...the flip side of that is, accidents happen when kids get super excited, haha. They have been dropped on concrete, stood on, bent back, (one even colored on!) and they are still in pristine condition. I am actually amazed at what they can endure, and it makes me stand by them even harder.

They. are. so. SOLID. And as a mom of young kids (that can get excited VERY easily) it is SO IMPORTANT to ensure that whatever products I invest it...can withstand the test of time...and toddlers...

Rustic leather album tortilla texture on farmhouse display


When you invest in a family album, you are PROUD. And you should be! These images are absolutely breathtaking and should be displayed in an equally incredibly album. These babies are meant to be shown off. Different sizing means you can take the 8x8 in your laptop bag to work to show your friends, you can bring that beautiful 12x12 album to your family gathering and with a 2 foot display length for viewing, EVERYONE CAN SEE! I am always hearing how much people love showing off their albums because this quality just leaves them speechless.

YES. That's what I love to hear.


SO, obviously my style is very rustic. Leathers, warm tones, textures...but what if you want something simple? Or just a little different for your cover?

I got you!

There are TONS of options for albums covers. From the luminous glass bevel photo cover, to plain fabric/leather covers, there are just so many choices. You can customize your cover to have your family's name, year, whatever your heart desires. You can add golden gilding to the pages so they sparkle in their fanciness. You can pad the cover so it has an extra boost of sophistication. The possibilities are ENDLESS.


Bonus: DIGITALS! Yep! They come with the digitals of the images used inside! And there is always the option of adding more pages so you don't have to stress about narrowing down your choices!

These albums. Totally worth it, guys.

Love the look of these albums? Contact me today to start designing your own!

Stay connected, friends!


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