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Rachel, Margot and Murphy! Family studio session | Omaha, NE| Fort Calhoun Photographer

When Rachel contacted me, I knew we were going to have an amazing session. She is a busy mom who loves her family (and her adorable fur babies!) and just wanted to make sure she had some amazing photos of her little life to decorate her walls and appreciate on the daily.

Oh. It. was. ON.

Little Margot with her 2 year old energy and sass wasn't super interested in having to take family photos, but with a little help from my incredible puppet skills and studio snacks as bribes, we were able to assemble an incredible gallery for Rachel to choose from!!

At her reveal session, Rachel was so excited as she viewed the slideshow (she actually watched it a few times!!) and we poured over choosing which images moved her most, and how we could display them around her home to create an energy that reminded her of their incredible connection every time she saw them.

With her clean, boho/farmhouse theme, we decided that the barn wood metal prints, hanging canvas, and robust, puncture-resistant, wood-mounted canvas were the best products for her!

I am legit SO EXCITED to deliver these products, I can't even tell you.

Take a look!

(And don't forget, if you'd love to have images like these with professional guidance in designing your displays, you can book a session with me now! Fill out a form on the contact page and we will start planning for YOUR OWN gorgeous designs!)

The initial design for Rachel!

Stay tuned for an updated blog on the final display!!

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