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Sterling- Littles Couture Entry | Omaha Fine Art Painted Portraits

Blonde toddler leans on a bench in sage green dress with bow bonnet during fine art painted photo session in omaha, ne

Sterling and I had so many snacks and played so many games during our session! This cutie was bursting with energy and made me laugh so many times. I was so excited to have her come in and get these beautiful images to paint!! Just look at those curls!

This contest winner will be based on overall engagement. So to cast your vote for Sterling, don't stop on viewing her post- comment below and share to bring more votes to this cutie!

Check out the other entries, or book your own painted creative session here!!

Want to know more about the process? Check out the new branch- The Copper Fox Creative!

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1 Comment

Kristin Dworak
Kristin Dworak
Mar 13, 2023

Sterling is the cutest! 🥰

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