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Sunset 'golden'doodles! | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family photographer | Fine art pet portraits

Be prepared to have your heart strings pulled. This litter from Deercreek Doodles will have you considering that you actually DO need a puppy right now.

Trust me. It's happening to me, haha.

Merle golden doodle puppy pulls on gray fabric

When you work with these cuties, and then stare at their adorable faces for hours editing, HOW CAN YOU BLAME ME?!

Amy ADORES her pups and takes incredible care of them. She feeds them Pawtree, a holistic, nutrient-dense kibble and works on potty training and kennel training before they even go to their new homes..

Someone want to talk me down? No? I should do it, right?

merle golden doodle puppy sits in dry grass field at sunset in Fort Calhoun, ne


My husband should just start looking in to farms for all of my animals, because I can't say no to these eyes.

If one of these babies pulled at your heart and you know you need that precious face in your life- reach out to Amy!

(402) 681-7596

**Update....I caved. Meet Theo! (My girls call him Teddy)

From then-

Merle golden doodle puppy sits on a box in a dry grass field at sunset in Omaha, ne
This was Isaac (he had a cone in the earlier photos due to an eye injury.)

to now! His eye is fully healed and has adopted our St. Bernard as his surrogate mama!

Stay connected! (and snuggle those fur babies!)


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