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The Copper Fox Studio | Creative | Digitally rendered, hand painted, one of a kind- masterpiece.

I've been keeping a secret.

Okay, maybe not so well. If you've seen me I've almost definitely let something slip. I'm horrible with hiding things.

I've been so incredibly busy assembling a new branch of the studio that will take my work to the next level. Something that I am able to put my skill in photoshop and my years of background in painting in to creating one of a kind pieces that will make your jaw drop.

detail image of hand embellished canvas fine art portrait of a young girl with peony flowers
What's the difference? Original photograph vs. Embellished canvas

These sessions are 100% customized. They will tell a story that will command attention for generations. They are created first with a styled photography session, planned in detail to the client's desire. The image is then digitally painted, printed on the finest paper or canvas, and realized with incredible detail through hand painted mixed media.

Artist draws with senellier oil pastel on canvas fine art portrait in Omaha, ne

Oil pastel, chalk, pencil, charcoal

and paint breathe life in to your chosen subject.

Fine art portrait canvas of a young girl with peony flowers in Elkhorn, ne

Creating a masterpiece in 3 steps.

  1. We discuss the concept during a design appointment, plan your art in detail, and set the day to photograph.

  2. Choose the level of hand embellished detail to perfect your artwork.

  3. Select a luxury frame and glass to preserve your finished piece, and install.

The Creative is truly a life-long dream realized. I cannot express the gratitude for my clients and supporters who have helped bring this dream to fruition. You are amazing.

I am proud to be one of the few photographers that offers personally crafted fine art embellished and oil painted work not only in the Omaha area, but in the US.

I am so incredibly excited to launch The Copper Fox Creative and hope to be posting gallery showings and available prints of my previous competition work soon!

Let's get creative! Contact me to start designing your masterpiece today.

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