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The West Family just added a new addition- little Rizzo!!

young blonde girl hugging Goldendoodle puppy during family session in Gretna, ne

Rizzo was part of the Deer Creek Doodles brigade and was one of my models for some of my competition work. And honestly, with this face, how could you not immediately assume 'model'?!

four golden doodle puppies sitting on a bench in a garden during photoshoot

young family sits in dried grass field with golden doodle puppy during sunset family photo session in Gretna, ne

I was so excited to see him again and he had already gotten SO FLUFFY!!! This random 70 degree day in March was already amazing, but add in this super real, super sweet, adorable family....yup. I'll take that any day!!

This gorgeous guy just fits right in with his gorgeous new family.

These girls had my heart from the beginning. We had SO much fun running with Rizzo, playing in the grass, and getting the most insanely beautiful sister shots.

I wasn't kidding. Look at these girls. Just. look. AREN'T THEY GORGEOUS?!

two young blonde sisters hug each other at sunset during family photoshoot in Gretna, ne

I CANNOT WAIIIIIT to see these beautiful canvases that were ordered!!

three fine art canvases mounted in stairwell in Gretna, ne

Just beautiful. And I'm so excited to see them displayed!!

Stay connected, friends!


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