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Who are you? {Ft. Calhoun, NE Photographer}

Updated: May 30, 2019

"I need a new picture."

I just keep telling myself this over and over but really don't make much of an effort to get in front of the lens. Everyone once and awhile I configure my setting and make my husband snap a few with me and the girls but you know, it's just so much easier to be the one TAKING the picture, haha.

It's not that I don't have beautiful places to take pictures. Between Omaha, Benson, the countryside of Ft. Calhoun and Blair, I have everything I could ever want for backgrounds. But it takes a lot of self love to stand up and put yourself in front of a lens. It's like the never ending audience.

I think that's why so many of us mamas shy away from getting pictures done especially when our babies are little. It is HARD to get off the pregnancy weight, or keep a good skin care routine, or eat...anything... while keeping all the other plates balanced and spinning.

So after I captured some of the most amazing photos for my Mother's Day limited sessions (which you can see here !!), it really struck me how incredible these moments will be years down the road. Not only for the parents, but for the kids who will have these tangible photos to cherish forever. It's a physical representation of the love they share with their mama.

I want more of that. But I also need to be an individual.

I want my girls to know ME. Not only as a mom. As a person. Flaws and all.

Who are you beside your roles? When all of the labels are removed, mom, wife, board member, doctor, philanthropist...whatever! Who are YOU?

And when was the last time you had a PROFESSIONAL photo taken? We can't forgot to document ourselves in our own stories!

I haven't been able to answer this yet. But I'm making it a goal for this year, and hopefully you'll be able to see it in the photos!

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