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'Kenzie, why would I need to invest in something for my walls when I can spend less money and just keep the digitals?'

So. So. Sooo many reasons. But I'm here to tell you.

(First. Let me soothe you by telling you...I do include digitals. But that is way beyond my point.)

Let me start with those irritating logical points. Yes, we all love saving money. BUT..we are all aware how quickly technology progresses. How quickly a computer that has OUR FINAL SENIOR PAPER (not that it's happened and has left me jaded *sarcasm*) just completely blows up. How quickly everything we thought was safe...just disappears.

And sometimes recovery programs just won't save it.

Can you risk the most pivotal moments of your life, the weddings, the newborns, the last photo of a family member before they passed...just *poof* gone?


So many of my clients love digitals. And truthfully, I do too! They are great and let us have this little digital record we can carry on our phones and show with pride! They give us the warm fuzzies. That's important.


Soooo many clients are so busy that they forget to download the galleries....or WAYYY more often (and don't act like this hasn't been you because I see you, haha) they download, or put that USB away to 'print them when I have time'....and never look at them again. ( Or lose them!)

Ugh. Heartbreaking. Which brings me to my final point.

You know I get long winded when it involves emotion. Buckle up.

How many moments of connection are you missing each day by not having the images of what you love most-displayed?

When your day is so busy you can hardly see straight, and you're running from the kitchen-to bathroom-to living room frantically cleaning, racing to get the kids to school, running to work...

Blonde woman holds her daughter during spring blossom family photos in Omaha, ne by rustic blue oil drums

Passing by that one small photo or full wall design that just melts your heart every time you see it...that truly captured the beauty of the life you work so hard for...that irreplaceable connection you share with your family...

Blonde mother holds baby son at sunset in front of row of hay bales in rustic fall family photos in Blair, NE

Gives you one moment, however brief, in that crazy day where you can feel the value of your time.

Family sittings in a field at sunset smiles at each other during rustic fall family photo session in Omaha, NE

Be proud of the life you've created and the connection you share. Honor it in little passing moments of joy and appreciation that give you the little warm flood in your chest.

^^^^^^ This is why I have structured my business into an entire photography experience that guides you from start to finish.

Helping with outfit selections,

finding how you connect during your session to make you most at ease and laugh your butt off with your kids,

walking you through a design process that is straight up magazine worthy (but fits your vibe and budget),

to finally delivering them to your door,

so you can take whatever amount of time you have each day and find that warmth.

Black Air Force man laughs with his daughter in a field at sunset in fall family photos in Omaha, NE

Barn wood metal photo display blocks sitting on rustic table showing young girl, mother and son, and newborn sessions
Not a lot of wall space? Order big moments in small sizes!

Woman stands in reflection of mirror pointing out photography display items in boho style decor

Let me help you get that daily reminder of the beautiful life you've built. It is so worth it.

Check out Rachel's delivery here

or book your session now!

Stay connected, friends.


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