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Xander Senior Session | The Copper Fox Studio | Blair, NE | Fremont, NE | Omaha, NE

Senior boy sits on branch pile at sunset during his senior photos in Fremont, NE

Xander is one of those guys that just carries himself so well. It's hard to put a finger on buuuut if you've read any of my blogs you know how much I love words, haha!

There is a quiet confidence that you can just feel when you talk to him. He's humble, and also just very present and appreciative. He carries himself with almost an aura of calm joy....Happy peace.

If there's a better word for that, you have to let me know. Because it. is. Xander.

His senior pictures needed to show that.

I hope I did you proud, Xander! Go show the world what you've got, sir! Blair will miss you.

Senior boy sits on tree branch pile during sunset during his senior pictures in Blair, NE
There's that 'happy peace'!! Can you see it?

Stay connected, friends!


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