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Allison + Nathan {Janesville, Iowa}

Any couple that planned getting married this year was obvious under a LOT of pressure. Constant twists and turns, not knowing if things were going to work out or if it was even safe. Weddings are stressful anyway but weddings during a PANDEMIC?!

But I have to say, you never would have known a single stress during this wedding day. Driving from Omaha to Janesville I had a lot of time to think photographer-related things. Positioning, lighting, etc. etc. But what I wanted more than anything was for this bride and groom to feel completely at ease and the center of attention during their special day. I hadn't had the opportunity to photograph their engagement session so I really wanted their wedding photos to shine.

When I arrived- it was absolutely incredible. The love they have together was the most gentle I'd ever witnessed. They spoke softly to each other; they held each other with such care. They genuinely enjoyed each other and you could just FEEL it. It was an absolutely joy to be a part of their wedding, and a breath of fresh air to experience such a peaceful, patient, grateful, and kind love during this year's chaos.

Nathan and Allison, I wish you many, many more years of that humble love.


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