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Before/After with The Copper Fox Studio| Omaha, NE Photographer

There are truly so many reasons to hire a professional photographer, and in Omaha, you have your pick!! There are so many incredible photographers, so what do I do differently?

I am all about the art of the photo. I think photos are beautiful on their own, but I think they need even more to become something that is just awe-inspiring. I've been told my art is painterly, and that fits, because I'm a painter, ha!

But truly, I just want you to be able to actually feel that warmth, the excitement, the joy...just the love of the moment. And I feel like my art background and my passion for fine art photography is really evident in my work.

It's rustic. It's warm. It's eye catching.

It's your family, and they deserve something that is all of those things.

Everyone loves a stellar before/after shot, so I'm going to throw some of those in here to let you experience my process!

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