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East Coast Adventures | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family Photographer | Gretna, Ne | Fremont, NE

I think for a lot of us, 2020 just kind of continued right on in to 2021, haha. It did for me! Some years are harder than others, and sometimes you just have to give yourself the break you need and experience life for what it is truly meant to be.

For me, that meant reconnecting with my passion, taking time to reground, finding myself again and visiting the east coast (bucket list!!).

It did NOT disappoint.

I told my bestie we were going adventuring and handed her one of my cameras. (Hence the shots with me in them, haha-Thanks, Courtney!) I'm sure for her, it was just her usual surroundings, but what I experienced from this week was surreal.

The ocean. The colors. The power. Like everywhere we went was screaming to be a painting.

sea gull flies over rocks  with fish in its mouth on the coast of New Hampshire

It was a breath of fresh air like I've never experienced.

If you've never been to Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts....please..experience this. It is absolute magic.

Stay connected, friends. (ESPECIALLY with yourself! <3 )


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