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Joe- Youth Couture Entry | Omaha Fine Art Painted Portraits

Young boy in a black suit stands behind leather chair during fine art painted photo

Joe was Mr. Cool during his creative session and was all about getting the poses just right! It can be weird having someone change the placement of your hand 5 times or stare at the fold in your tie but he was such a trooper! I knew the elegant black fireplace backdrop with the leather chair would give his painting a regal vibe that he was totally pulling off in that suit! Awesome job, Joe!

This contest winner will be based on overall engagement. So to cast your vote for Joe, don't stop on viewing his post- comment below and share to bring more votes to this cutie!

Check out the other entries, or book your own painted creative session here!!

Want to know more about the process? Check out the new branch- The Copper Fox Creative!

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