Your own reality

You see, the think that I find most magical about children is their boundless imagination and the absolute joy that they explode into when their dreams become a reality. 


This is why I LOVE doing Travelers sessions. Your child can travel through time, space, even the depths of their own imagination to create their own reality. They can ride on the back of an enormous turtle, feed dinosaurs, or fight a giant octopus as a mermaid-pirate. Whatever calls to them-we can make a reality. And honestly, what is more fulfilling than making their most magical memory become real with a display on their wall to enjoy forever? 


We can get so wrapped up in daily life that we may eventually forget their bedtime story of chasing dolphins or visiting candy mountain.  I want you to know, I truly pour my heart into my work because your photos actually mean something to me, too. They are your child’s boundless imagination brought to life. They are my art. 


Eventually, they will grow out of their made-up stories. Their interests will change. And sadly, we can’t go back to those precious times. 

I think they deserved to be cherished and documented while they are still here.  


*These sessions are much more time intensive and are on a limited amount per month*