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Art Entries for 2021 | Professional Photographers of America | Omaha, NE Family Photographer

AH! Seriously so excited you're interested in my art entries. (cue little kid squeal, haha)

My competitive art pieces are where I truly tune in to my 'soul work'. You may have read that I used to be a fine artist/oil painter. I believe that art is supposed to make you feel something. It's a pathway to connection. Pieces that bring a topic of pain can let people know they aren't suffering alone. Ones of nature can remind people of the beauty of the world around them. And images of kids and baby animals...I mean we all collectively breathe that "aaaawwwww".

Usually, I use my art to bring awareness to the connection of the story and emotion. Hopefully you'll be able to feel something from each of these entries!

Fine art portrait of a woman balancing on a twine branch ball hiding her face
"Entanglement" Imaging Excellence award IPC 2021

Renaissance digital painting of girl sketching squirrels and paying them with peanuts
"Art Pays in Peanuts" Imaging Excellence award IPC 2021

Woman with anxiety feeling trapped and wrapped in wire and surrounded by cinder blocks
"Anxiety" Imaging Excellence Award IPC 2021

Woman in dress of palm fronds and paper leaves walking over water
"Palm Queen" Art composite IPC 2021

The competitive class of "Artist entry' can showcase soooo many things. Digital paintings, fantasy creations, anything you can think of- created and judged based on a slew of rules and guides that set the standard of quality.

I looooove composites. If you aren't photography-lingo savvy, it basically means taking all sorts of random images and implementing them together to create something that looks real. (When I talk with clients about this it's commonly like face swaps, or moving 'this pretty smile' on to 'this grumpy face', haha)

It takes a lot of skill (and patience) to produce the level of accuracy that they expect with a national competition, which means lots of redo's for us artists.'s totally worth it. Because the story is worth being told.

Thank you so much for taking interest in my work. Telling the story of human connection, and helping bring people closer in seeing their feelings represented, is just so close to my heart.

I can't wait to show you more.

Stay connected, friends!


(Interested in my other work from 2021? Check out the portrait case here!)

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