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Professional Photographers of NE conference! | The Copper Fox Studio | Omaha Family Photographer

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This past weekend I attended the Professional Photographers of Nebraska state conference in Lincoln, NE. This is where the pros come together, compete with their best, learn new tips and tricks through different classes, and and just try to connect and relax.

The weekend was a busy blur, and the hotel design left me a little confused (but laughing at every turn...cue corn curtains and bathroom....yes...corn. Oh Nebraska, hahaha) but it was beneficial nonetheless!!

Bathroom design with corn wallpaper at the Graduate hotel in Lincoln, NE
Glorious corn

Competition can be ridiculously hard. It's stressful and nerve-wracking to put yourself out there, not knowing if you'll do well or flop, but it's a chance to better yourself, improve your skills, and grow.

PPA judges critiquing professional photography entries on computer screens during competition in Lincoln, Nebraska
Judges discussing an entry during competition

I usually compete with composites for my art competitive pieces (check those out here-

and portrait images heavy-laid with story/impact (like these-

This year has been SO BUSY I had to try something new.

Let me say, I did NOT expect much-haha.

But we can all be pleasantly surprised if we put in the work and continue on with a little bit of courage and a hell of a lot of hope, ha!

I walked away with the Artist of the Year award (2nd year in a row-insanity!!), a judges choice award, and 2nd place in my competitive class.

trophies for artist of the year, judges choice award, and 2nd place award for professional photography competition PPA
The hardware

Surprised doesn't begin to cover it, but it is always so cool to surprise yourself and see good come of things that you're just trying out!

Enjoy some of the photos from this weekend from lighting classes to eclectic decor of little girls with mustaches. (Yeah tripped me out, too, haha!)

Hanging portraits of children with mustaches in the Graduate Hotel in Lincoln, NE
You'd think koolaid mustache..but there's fur...?

funky colorful decor in the lobby of the graduate hotel in Lincoln Nebraska
Lobby! (find the cowhide displayed through acrylic blocks)

Plaid carpet in the graduate hotel in Lincoln, ne
So many carpet choices

plaid carpet in the Graduate hotel in Lincoln, ne
You know when you like so many things you can't decide so you pick all of it? The Graduate does.

Tv nightstand with roller skate lamp and old phone in the graduate hotel in Lincoln, ne
Tv nightstand with roller skate lamp! This one was cool!

Stay connected, friends!


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