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It's that time again! | Professional Photographers of Nebraska | Omaha Family Photographer

Today I'm getting ready to head to Lincoln for the Professional Photographers of Nebraska state convention. It's a weekend to further our education, compete with our best work for coveted titles, and find a little connection with other pros who get as geeked out with gear as we do, ha!

The last few months have been uuuuhh-mazing for me being able to provide so many clients with images and (just absolutely stunning) custom product displays of their unique connection with their kiddos. Lots of happy tears from Mamas, even a few from the Daddy's, and one incredibly adorable appreciative Grandpa. (You have my heart, Ted!!)

Just have to pause writing this for a sec to upload a little gallery shot for Ted's family.

Custom designed gallery of rustic fall family session, studio family session,
Custom Gallery Display

Aren't they PRECIOUS?!

Okay. Back to the thought.

SO. Competition. This year I'm trying a new route with my work in the competitive field, and one of the bummers is that I can't actually SHARE them until the entire year competitions are completed, but I realized that I hadn't posted last years final results!

Check them out!

If you love the work and want to know about the creation of these images, check them out here!

Art entries of 2021

Portrait entries of 2021

I can't wait to update you on the results from the 2022 state competition! Wish me luck and stay connected!


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